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April 27th: Algebrator 5.0 available >>

SOFTMATH develops Algebrator, the leading math software program available to students, parents, teachers and educational institutions today.

Algebrator is one of the most powerful software programs for math education ever developed. It will tackle the most frustrating math problems you throw at it. Algebrator can show every step to every answer, serving as an automated tutor for math students at every level.

Students use Algebrator to supplement in-classroom learning, as well as to assist them with quickly and accurately completing their math assignments.

Teachers will enjoy Algebrator as an assistant for rapidly creating lessons and sample problems/solutions, and also appreciate Algebrator's ability to function as a supplemental, automated teaching assistant for students.

Homeschoolers and parents who want their children to excel in math use Algebrator as both a refresher for themselves and an affordable 24/7 math tutor for their children. Algebrator has helped countless adult learners to (re)learn math at their own, comfortable pace.

Algebrator is a complete Math Tutoring solution, appropriate for solving math problems all the way from Pre-Algebra through the Advanced College level.

Algebrator can Start Helping Solve Your Algebra Homework in the next 5 Minutes!

Here are a few things Algebrator will do for you:

Now you can do one of two things:

  1. Pretend Algebrator doesn't exist and continue torturing yourself.
  2. Or... click here to finish your assignments in no time and - really learn math!

Important UPDATE: You will get 1000's of problems already pre-entered by Algebrator users as an extra bonus if you order before midnight of April 19th .

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